What is the date for the Fitter Fylde Coast Guinness World Record attempt?
Saturday 21st July 2018

What is the location for Fitter Fylde Coast Guinness World Record attempt?
The event will take place at the Lytham Festival site
Address: Lytham Green, Clifton Drive, Lytham St. Annes, FY8 5LB

What are the key times for the Fitter Fylde Coast Guinness World Record attempt?
Gates open at 10:00
GWR official attempt 10:50 approx.

We advise all participants to arrive in plenty of time as security checks will be in operational upon entry to the event.

Do I need a ticket?
Yes, the GWR attempt is free to all participants and all that you need to do is sign up at www.fitterfyldecoast.nhs.uk

What if I turn up on the day without a ticket?
Entry to the event will only be permitted with an official ticket. However, if you arrive without a ticket all you need to do is go to www.fitterfyldecoast.nhs.uk and ‘sign up’ OR search ‘Fitter Fylde Coast’ using the Eventbrite App and register. You will then be issued a barcode via email or the Eventbrite app.

Are there any age restrictions?
No, the aim for the Fitter Fylde Coast Guinness World Record attempt is to encourage EVERYONE to participate resulting in a Fitter Fylde Coast of the future.

Will drinks be provided?
No, all participants are advised to bring a maximum of two full water bottles or an appropriate alternative to water.

Anyone attempting to bring alcohol into the event will be refused entry

Will there be water refill stations?
Yes, there are a limited number of water refill stations on site. However, we strongly advise you come with a sufficient supply for the event.

Will food be provided?
No, a single piece of fruit or energy bar will be permitted.

Will there be parking?
Yes, a limited number of parking spaces will be available to all GWR participants. This will be located on ‘the green’ between Lowther Pavilion and the Clifton Arms.

The NHS would encourage all participants to refrain from using personal or public transportation and make your way to the event on foot. However, this is only advisable if it is safe and permissible to do so.

What if I arrive and the GWR car park is full?
There is accessible parking on numerous roads within a close proximity to the event. However, please be advised that some roads will enforce a limited time for parking. The NHS will not be liable for any parking fines or parking penalties enforced.

How do I register to take part in the GWR attempt?
There are a number of options to do this:
1. Visit www.fitterfyldecoast.nhs.uk and click on the ‘sign up’ page.
2. Download the Eventbrite App, search ‘Fitter Fylde Coast’ and register your details.
3. Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/478888805883943/ and selected ‘get tickets’.

Do you have a contact email?

Where can I find information about the event?
Website: www.fitterfyldecoast.nhs.uk

Can I follow the event across social media?
Yes, the official social media channels are:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fyldeandwyreccg (click on the event page)
Twitter: @FyldeandWyreCCG
Social media hashtag: #fitterfyldecoast

Will there be toilet facilities?
Yes, toilets can be located near the two main entrance gates.

Are animals allowed into the event?
No, all animals/ pets are not permitted into the event site.

The only exception to this is for guide dog user only (Guide dog to remain on a lead at all times)

How do I sign up to become a volunteer?
Please visit www.fitterfyldecoast.nhs.uk/volunteer

Where can I watch the ‘Whiston Wave’ Fitter Fylde Coast routine?

Will there be entertainment/activities before the GWR official attempt start time?
Radio Wave will be warming things up and getting everyone moving

Can I wear fancy dress?
Yes, feel free to attend in your best 80’s gym outfits or be as creative as you like! Please remember to dress in an appropriate matter – after all this is a family event.

I if take part in the Fitter Fylde Coast Guinness World Record attempt does this give me access to stay within the arena for Lytham Festival that evening?
No, all GWR participants must vacate the event site. Any participants who refuse will be escorted off site and could face prosecution.